Gabriela WilsonGlass Artist / Metalsmith


Gabriela is a Toronto based artist, specializing in glass and metal. Gabriela has studied art, design, jewellery, gemmology and glass, at Sheridan College, The Corning Museum of Glass, Pilchuck Glass School and Penland School of Craft, to name a few. Gabriela is currently in her fifth year of residency at the Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, with an interdisciplinary residency within the jewellery studio and glass studio, with a focus in kiln casting and metal work.

Gabriela’s work has been exhibited in Canada as well as internationally, including the United States and the Czech Republic, with work in the permanent collection in the Prague Gallery of Czech Glass. Gabriela has received multiple awards, making further studies and residencies possible, thanks to organizations like, Fusion, The Ontario Clay and Glass Association, Ontario Arts Council, and Canada Council for the Arts.

Gabriela has found a great deal of support within the glass community. Since graduation she has made efforts to support other artists, by serving on the board of directors for the Glass Art Association of Canada. Currently she serves as the communications officer.

Artist Statement

Born in Santiago Chile, I have been influenced by its strong artisanal culture and political art. I feel a strong connection to copper, to me it represents the past and glass the present. Often, I incorporate the two materials into one body of work, creating an abstract narrative of a place and time.

My work is minimalistic, playing with simple forms, volume, movement and texture. I enjoy manipulating properties of glass, through kiln casting and hot casting, specifically how it moves and how it reacts to foreign elements. My inspiration comes from subjects that preoccupy my mind, often personal narratives, simplified, abstracted and made into tactile glass works.

Gabriela Wilson